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            Recurve accessories role

            來源:Weifangkaimei Precision machinery Co., Ltd.      Release date:2019-11-01   

            Now more and more friends to play bows and arrows, bow accessories for the special before, but now a lot of time we need to continue to study and discover why the use of some auxiliary bow accessories, a lot of bow Friends are blind to follow the others through the road, such as some of my friends to see other people use the bow package, no matter what kind of bow and arrow, regardless of whether the use of all want to buy a bow bag, but did not consider To whether the use of bow and arrow package, it can be said, these are not their own opinion of a very clear performance, of course, here I am not recommend the majority of bow friends do not use bow accessories, but to let the bow faithful Clear to understand some of the role of bow accessories, so that the purchase of accessories play an important role!

            Let's take the recoil bow to give the majority of the Friends of the bow to give an example of it, why should first take recoil to cut into the theme it? That is because the use of recurve parts less, easy to understand and understand the problem .

            First, recovers bow aiming

            Many friends are able to understand from the literal understanding of what is the purpose of aiming? Yes, yes, is the role of auxiliary precision shooting, but the bow faithful, you know how to use the correct aiming? The bow increased the accuracy of the target itself has been improved, but must continue to use and try to contact, to learn some of the purpose of targeting and value, so as to be able to really be the curvature of the bow With the handy, but also can continue to improve accuracy!

            Second, the curved bow of the bow

            Regardless of the type of bow, the purpose of the existence of the arrows are the same, in one respect, the arrow is to maintain the balance of the arrow body itself can be used to say, a bow, if not arrows (traditional bow , The traditional bow is based on their own fingers for the arrows), the accuracy of shooting arrows and shooting distance will be greatly reduced, this is very easy to understand, because there is no arrow, then the bow in the initial shooting time has been With the trend to fall, this range will greatly hit a discount!

            Third, the protection refers to the arm

            These accessories as the name suggests is to protect the user generated some accessories, and only in this way, from these can take into account the true purpose and value of the existence of bows and arrows, and sometimes we can not really have some of these, but We must understand that, only to use, and we can understand its true value and meaning, but I can say that the production of each accessory, there must be the real value of its existence!

            Through the summary of the above questions, I believe that the faithful arc bow bow accessories have a more detailed understanding of it, I hope we can a lot of interaction and communication, I believe that in the near future, we recoil for the Awareness will be more to improve a level, so that we can truly understand the bow and arrow, but also the real bow and arrow to get a strong promotion!

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