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            The difference between bow and arrow and firearms

            來源:Weifangkaimei Precision machinery Co., Ltd.      Release date:2019-11-01   

            First of all, the declaration of private possession of guns is illegal, bows and arrows are legitimate, concrete can refer to the [composite bow legitimacy of the authority of interpretation], this article only contrast.


            Bow and arrow



            A kinetic energy (an arrow with a bullet to see how much the difference in weight, of course, the quality of large kinetic energy)

            B can be magic magic carving magic

            C can plug the bottle of sulfur bottle holy water bottle (laugh, I really did not hold back) and other property attacks

            D mute, which can be in a period of time the advantages of archery is superior to the biggest advantage of the gun. Because the excitation principle is different, the use of physical principles of bow and arrow, firearms using gunpowder, but with the development of silencers, this advantage is not highlighted.



            A long training time

            B Burst speed is slow

            C moving in the firing tired dog

            D weight ... (an arrow with a bullet to see how much the weight of their own, would like to bring more ... ask load)

            E bow and arrow range of 300 meters You are elite archers, ordinary people take a rifle more than 500 meters will play a few guns






            A fast firing rate (is buckle what the board will take more time? Or arrows from the arrows out of time to get the sword more time? Pull a dozen than the one to take the arrow tube fast ah)

            B training time is short (the villagers can be used for an hour of training, two hundred meters at the hit ah, bow and arrow but also transferred to the parabolic)

            C Range (see above)

            D mobile shooting (at least not as arc edge shooter as tired, after all, just moving fingers)



            A maintenance, the barrel does not care and other bombing chamber, not every gun is AK

            B can not be vice magic (but you can ask the priest to open light (laughs)) attributes less (up to multiple silver warheads, as well as tactical guide grenade)

            C technology tree needs, no technology is difficult to have a good gun

            D supply difficulties, ah? You have a mall ah? forget it.


            Bows and arrows need a long time training, not to a few hours of training can be, you have a hundred villagers with 100 bow, to train physical fitness familiar with the rules of bow and arrow flying, no way to immediately fight

            But the gun can be, one hundred villagers a hundred guns, set up together for half an hour talking about firing essentials, an hour to talk about gun maintenance, do not practice marksmanship directly to the bunker blind shot a little effect, is very suitable for the arms of the sea.



            Finally, the focus of comparison of some bows and arrows and guns in the sound of the difference:

            General muffler is the use of muffler makes excess propellant in the boring before the completion of expansion, to eliminate the purpose of flame. General muffler in the case of using ordinary bullets can do 50m completely hear the sound, do not see the smoke during the day and night to see the light. The muffler has almost no effect on the muzzle velocity.

            If there is a higher demand, it is necessary to use a special subsonic bullets, in the case of accurate calculations, completely burning propellant, no emission sound. Subsonic flare flight shock is also very small, basically apart from the very close to the case of trajectory is not hear the sound. The only thing that can not be eliminated is the hammering sound, which hits the hammer at the tail of the needle.

            We come to see the bow, the arrows of the people who shot know, in fact, the sound of the curved parts of the bow is a great rebound, in a quiet place, no problem 20-30 m, long bow and composite bow, although there is no impact bow Film problem, the sound is relatively small but no small hammer sound.

            Finally, we look at the issue of power, gun energy from the propellant storage of chemical energy, bow is stored by a long stroke to provide the energy and then instantaneous launch, can be regarded as the chemical storage of human energy. The former chemical conversion of kinetic energy directly into the bullet, the conversion process is a single high conversion rate, the latter's chemical energy produced by breathing cells through the muscle into mechanical energy and then transformed into bow potential energy into the final kinetic energy of arrows, layers of conversion rate low. So even if people can do the same work with gunpowder, the kinetic energy of the arrow is bound to less than the kinetic energy of the bullet. Moreover, this assumption can not be established.

            If the above inference is not intuitive, we do a simple calculation: the heavier the bullet 3g, subsonic speed by 300m / s operator, muzzle kinetic energy: 0.5 × 0.003kg × (300m / s) ∧ 2 = 135J. Take the 45-pound bow as an example, the arrow weighs 225 grains, about 15g, the muzzle velocity is 310 feet per second, about 94m / s, let's press 100, the initial kinetic energy is 0.5 × 0.014kg × (100m / s) 70J. And the arrow of the wind resistance is greater, the deposit capacity is much weaker than bullets.

            Of course, there are precision problems, in summary, muffler pistol End burst bow and arrow.

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