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            Composite bow field hunting precautions

            來源:Weifangkaimei Precision machinery Co., Ltd.      Release date:2019-11-01   

            This article from the network, and finally added a section of foreign composite bow hunting video, for everyone to enjoy.

            The appearance of composite bow, to the bow and arrow family has brought a lot of surprises, so that the original suitable for men to use high pounds of the large pull of the bow can also adapt to a large part of female archery enthusiasts, coupled with its unique way of its own In the recurve, the bow and the traditional bow and arrow kinetic energy conversion method is more suitable as a bow hunting equipment. Usually we are hunting small prey when there will be such a situation.

            Compound bow field hunting common:

            1, although some of the prey in close proximity, due to its special subtle and can not be hidden in time we found;

            2, although some small prey can be seen in the distance of its shadow, but when we detour to the appropriate distance prepared to launch attacks, but not the sight of the target, we look around in time, it is from another Angle crazy escape;

            3, when you marching in search of hunting around the road, turn the rugged mountain, suddenly found some prey in the ditch on the edge, but then your hands the equipment is not ready, and thus miss a great hunting Opportunity;

            4, when the prey appears in the appropriate location, you open the bow aimed at, due to the action of the lag and missed the best offensive opportunities;

            5, due to the distance of the judge wrong, resulting in too high or too low aim, resulting in arrows can not accurately hit prey;

            6, due to the existence of high and low, the wrong angle of attack estimates, resulting in the results can not hit;

            7, hit the prey, the point of attack in its non-fatal position, causing prey to escape or escape with arrows;

            8, hit prey or prey "nail" in some special location can not be picked up;

            9, did not hit the prey has caused arrows direct or indirect losses, that is, "Arrows", "lost arrows" and "destroyed arrows";

            10, improper operation caused damage to equipment or self-injury;

            11, due to careless operation, causing damage to others.

                   The above mentioned points are some of the situations that we often encounter when we go out hunting small prey. The small game mentioned in this article refers to the relatively small non-ferocious animals such as hare, pheasant, mallard and partridge. In view of the above I have summarized a number of composite bow hunting small game in the common situation, combined with my own hunting small prey experience and experience to explore with you.

                   First of all, we must make it clear that the wild composite bow hunting, whether it is hunting large-scale prey or hunting small prey, must be based on the "safety" principle, the safety here, including hunting their own safety and non-hunting The safety of the equipment and equipment safety. Do the necessary preparations, do not mean to do a good job protective measures is safe, the more critical is when you open the bow and arrow archery, when your final vector point is "safe"

                   For example, when a hare appears at the top of a hill that is 40 meters from you, you aim and shoot your arrows below, and if you fail to shoot it, the arrows are likely to leap off the summit, On the other side of the mountain, because of the impact of the angle of the projectile, the flight distance is often very far, if the mountain then there are people or large livestock, then it is very dangerous. So security is the first! Also in the process of hunting prey should pay attention to their own safety, because in the wild seemingly simple a gully, flood, often hidden a great danger, must not ignore its dangerous existence, for example: gully slope In the usual seemingly humble width of the gully, "Phi" a device that you can easily cross; the beach can not help you to climb, And so on, are we go out hunting should be noted, and must not be negligent due to the loss caused by security, injury!

                   Second, the small game on the hunting experience of some of the actual situation and we make an exchange.

            Compound bow hunting field Note:

            1, prepared enough, chaos is not chaos.

                   This is very simple, that is, before going out hunting equipment and belongings to do a detailed inspection, including hunting appliances and auxiliary equipment and logistical support checks; hunting equipment inspection is to check the bow, arrows, etc. (Such as the choice of arrows), the accuracy of sights, etc .; auxiliary equipment, including the inspection range finder, binoculars, communications equipment, and so on the hunting of auxiliary equipment inspection; (2) the use of hunting equipment, Inspection of logistical items includes inspection of water, mosquito repellents, trauma treatment kits and climbing ropes. In short, only do the preparatory work, in the next hunting activities will not be confused in the hands and feet!

            2, careful observation, silent search.

                   In determining the hunting grounds and routes, into the hunting area, be careful observation of the surrounding environment, with particular attention to whether there are unrelated personnel infested, but also to pay attention to prey in the region left by clues, including tangible and intangible , The tangible refers to prey footsteps, excrement, etc., intangible refers to prey sounds and run or escape the sound. In the search as far as possible not to loud noises and do not conduct a large search, so as not to make hidden hunters find hunters in the vicinity.

            3, hidden close, decisive attack.

                   When the discovery of prey, first of all with trees, grass, ramp and other hidden objects quickly close to prey, but the action should be light, so as not to arouse his suspicions, to reach the best hunting distance after decisive attack, avoid hesitant, aiming at a goal after the best Do not replace the target, so as not to adversely affect aircraft. Do not hesitate to have confidence, but to note that it is necessary to see the prey, and not the other "like" prey things, such as the jitter of the grass or like prey stone. Perhaps the grass jitter is caused by someone or other livestock, once the misjudgment of the consequences of worrying, that Taiwan's gas with a gun to play hare man is a lesson, he shook the bushes of the people as a hare results. . So prey must be confirmed in order to attack.

            4, hit prey, pay attention to arrows.

                   Many of my friends in the shot after the prey to death-defying past, want to be harvested, but often chicken eggs to play, rabbit go duck escape, which is why? The problem is that the shot of the arrow can not hit the prey of the key, not immediately limit its ability to act as a result, such as after hitting the prey can not be sure of full grasp will be captured, then the best not to rush near It, causing it to desperate to escape the results, but to temporarily under Chennai emotional excitement, calm its 2 blank range, in order to ensure the hunting rate.

            5, learn to distance, targeted.

                   Very often, hunting in the wild when the small game, there will be on the distance to determine the inaccurate resulting in "high and low arrows" situation, in the absence of time or do not have the use of range finder under the conditions of visual inspection is critical, Of the deviation also determines the Arrow branch of the deviation. But this is not a matter of time can be mastered, but also in practice continue to accumulate experience.

            6, angle hunting, aiming to adjust.

                  In a certain height of the drop for the compound bow hunting small prey, we must learn to adjust the angle of the appropriate target. Generally when the shooter in the low and the prey in the height of time (45 degrees), when aiming to aim a little higher to 60 pounds of composite bow, for example, 3 meters away from the ground with 30 meters aiming point should aim In the prey to fight above the place about 5-10 cm, and vice versa should be under the sight of 5-10 cm. Some people may ask, the first oblique above the bow archery itself has a certain elevation, in theory, should aim down at it! But in practice, I found that if down, then the placement will be even lower, even if the aiming point on the center, placement will be lower side, so attack on the oblique target, I will aim a little higher, On the contrary is lower, time-tested.

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