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            The Flat Shot and Projectile of Bow and

            來源:Weifangkaimei Precision machinery Co., Ltd.      Release date:2019-11-01   

            Bows and arrows of the flat shot and shot simply because the arrows by the impact of gravity will have a decline in the process of arrows shot out of a distance almost out of a straight line, this is direct. In general, mainly to flat, especially now the power of the composite bow increases, increasing the accuracy and flat-shot distance.

            Bows and arrows, that is, Yang shot. Mostly for the purpose of increasing range, shooting angle above the level of arrows into a parabolic trend. Complex point that from the top down (foot to head) ... as a 180-degree point of view, the higher the lower and the closer the shot. 90 degrees for the flat shot. To 90 +30 ~ 40 degrees around the shot for the projectile. The movie "Hero" in the square of the Quartet curve arrow array is the use of projectile. If you want to feel the ancient war arrow array of majestic momentum, you can look at the movie "hero" large-scale crossbowmen arrows array of movie fragments.

            "Hero" in the square of the state of Qin array of arrows array of projectile shooting scene

            "Hero" in the square of the Quartet curve arrow array

            The Archery Scene of the Three Kingdoms

            The Archers of the Three Kingdoms

            Arrow ability change:

            When the arrow reaches the limit range, the speed of loss is 15% to 30% of the initial velocity. Arrows in the range of the latter, will regain some of the trajectory in the front, that is, the loss of the speed of the ascending phase. When the arrow is falling, gravity will help the arrow recover some more energy.

            Physical Analysis:

            Ignore the resistance of the case, this is a very simple problem, the physical plus analytic geometry can be resolved.

            If the initial shot point and the landing point in the same horizontal plane, the initial firing rate of the same circumstances, the projectile angle of 45 °, the farthest range, if not in the same horizontal plane, this conclusion does not hold.

            Can be decomposed into the movement of the upper throwing and horizontal linear motion.High and the initial shot rate, the higher the muzzle velocity, the higher the high shot, can be calculated according to the initial velocity parabolic apex.

            (X, y) = x (x / 2p). The focal point is F (x, y) = x (x, y) = x (x, y), x is the vertical direction, -p / 2), the alignment equation l (Y = p / 2).

            A parabola is defined as a trajectory (or set) of points within a plane that is equal to a constant point F and a constant line l, and is called a parabola. Thus, when the distance from the point on the parabola to the focal point When the distance is equal, the parabola has the largest span on the same horizontal plane, and the tangent direction of the parabola at the origin is exactly 45 ° to the horizontal

            The application of flat and projectile:

            Bows and arrows is a war of ancient weapons, or strategic weapons. Modern is hunting and fitness. Therefore, from the perspective of the ancient war to see the difference between flat and projectile:

            For a non-A unit, direct injection can be;

            To deal with a thick unit, only within 20 meters with a dedicated direct Sunder arrows, or without any harm;

            To deal with a very thick unit (for example, put a layer of gold armor), bow and arrow completely invalid, can only rely on crossbows and heavy long weapons.

            Therefore, the problem depends on both sides of the equipment and the protection of the level of protection, longbow arrows to suppress the formation of arrows to suppress dense clusters of enemies.

            In general, the most effective use of bows and arrows is in the effective range (not the maximum range), set a large number of obstacles, the front layout of the defense of heavy infantry, and then continued in the back safe shooting (using direct injection or jet does not matter).

            In order to pursue the maximum accuracy and lethality, conditional, put the enemy close to the call, is more effective way.



            Under what circumstances flat shot? Under what circumstances the projectile?

            The first one: single combat or legionary combat ------ If a single person to do bows and arrows, crossbow guerrilla warfare, he certainly choose flat-fire; if the Corps, it would choose Yang Rang, and sometimes flat-beam. Legion warfare and Yangjian more decisions and the second aspect.

            The second aspect: distance or near ------- close, sure to flat shot, if the Yang, accurate rate is a problem. If far, especially the Army operations, certainly choose Yang Rang. Arrows in the air when the air resistance is not great, in the case of air resistance is not great, the main consideration of the Earth's gravity. If the flat shot, you may not touch the target has touched the ground, but in fact it is the horizontal direction at this time or movement, but increased contact with the ground friction, resistance and stopped. In this case, you need to give full play to the level of movement energy, which is able to fly after the arrow to the target energy into the target body, if you do not consider the air resistance, then 45 degrees should be shot up the air range farthest, Of the energy of the largest.

            In short, in general, when large-scale operations, do not consider the accuracy of shooting a single target, shooting enemy armor, B, or C are the same, but also to be able to shoot the enemy, not enemy threats , The general will choose Yang Rang.




            For the power of the doubt:

            Some netizens questioned: bow and arrow of the projectile is because the gravity from the highest point of the air dive forward and below, how could there be lethal it? From the air fell to an arrow, can have much lethality? And rely on the gravity of the arrow itself is not much difference, right?


            A: The bow is divided into a variety of species, the kind of nomadic horsemanship arc horn, often short, high pounds, heavy arrows for close-range direct. British Welsh long bow is used for projecting, long arm of strong people in situ standing pile (really play down a pile of anti-enemy assault) sky output, covered with arrows.


            Raising the power of the need to see the weight of arrows, think if the use of strong bow shot like a javelin-like arrows, the power will not be small. There is if the arrow penetrating power, even if it is a free fall has some lethality.

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