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            Compound bow adjustment and bow sight correction

            來源:Weifangkaimei Precision machinery Co., Ltd.      Release date:2019-11-01   

            Compound bow pound adjustment

            Complex bow adjustment of the number of pounds is relatively simple to adjust the individual can complete the part. The adjustment tool requires a special hex wrench, since the different specifications of the wrench are not the same. Compound bow points adjust the position in the bow grip and bow pieces of the link position of the screw, the number of pounds of regulation is simple, clockwise tighten the screw is to increase the number of bow pounds, counterclockwise loosening the screw is reduced pounds. There are three points to note:

            First you have to know how many pounds you have to adjust the bow and how many pounds you have at the moment. With the sale of the customer service to ask you bow, you can own bow pounds increase or decrease, and should not know the bow space and adjust the current number of pounds to adjust, in particular, avoid blindly reduce the number of pounds of data Resulting in bow and bow too loose screws lead to dangerous occur.

            When the second professional staff to adjust the bow with a professional lumbar pull to get accurate data. But the individual in the debugging time can only be adjusted according to experience, so here we give you a little experience as a reference, in general, tighten or loosen the lap can increase or decrease the power of 2.5-3 pounds, where you can To you as a reference, the actual use of your own side also need to adjust the edge of the test pull to ensure the appropriate force.

            The third professional will adjust the bow of the number of pounds will be drawn on a fixed screw on the mark, please note that either for a single oval or double oval round composite bow, upper and lower bow screw rotation distance and direction because the same, Mediation inconsistent bow up and down the uneven force easily affect the bow accuracy, so the screw on the mark for the adjustment of reference.

            Adjustment and Correction of Compound Bow Bow

            When you receive the composite bow, the bow has been adjusted to give you an initial adjustment. When you receive the compound bow, the first task is to adjust the bow of the compound bow, because the composite bow on our sole Can not adjust to you is to aim, because each person's eyes do not have another IPD between the habit of targeting is not the same.

            When you start to tune before the start, please you prepare a target, placed in a distance of at least 10 meters position, then pull the composite bow, bow string on this time from the vertical upward into a peephole hole Aiming needle parallel, this time, you can see through the peep hole to see the distance from the top of the first aiming aiming point, and then see 10 meters outside the bull's-eye (which is what we call the three-point line Aiming way), threw an arrow. Check the first arrow of the arrow point in the bull's-eye what position, if the arrow point in the upper left corner of the bull's-eye, you need through the hexagonal wrench to the first frame to the left to adjust the 1-2 grid, and then wrench On the adjustment of 1-2 scale, adjust and then throw an arrow to see the point of arrow position, the principle is the arrow point to the bull's-eye position that deviation, you need to aim to adjust that direction, that is to say " Aiming to chase the arrow ", and gradually adjust until the middle point of arrows bull's-eye, so that the first needle even if the adjustment is completed.

            After the start of the second needle adjustment, in general, the spacing of each needle is 10 meters is appropriate, but you can according to your own main combat range more refined in the main combat range set more reference point, adjust the first The two needles are basically the same way as the first needle, but the only difference is that since the first needle has been adjusted to the right and left, the second needle is adjusted The needle can be changed up and down.

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